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Mathematics AS level at The Becket School

Course description

Why Study Maths? Because it is amazing! Are you impressed by the way different topics link together? By the way that a difficult surd simplifies to an integer? By an angle in a diagram turning into another then another until you can label all sides and angles?

All students who choose to do A level Maths will explore Pure Maths for the beauty of it and for the possibilities it opens up within their specialism. For those who plan to do Geography, Biology Psychology and any other subject where a set of data needs to be analysed we recommend that you choose Maths with Statistics. However should your interest lie more in the Physical world of forces and particles, perhaps with a future career plan of engineering , we would recommend Maths with Mechanics. For those with a deep love of and interest in Maths, or those who wish to take Maths beyond school and to University we recommend Further Maths. As it involves two A levels it looks at all aspects of Maths and takes the study of it deeper and faster than the single A level.

The subject is a continuation of GCSE courses, using and extending skills learned and understood at that level. There is a large emphasis on Algebra and students taking this course should be confident in manipulation of equations and use of indices. If you need help in this area we run extra classes at lunchtime and after school so that you can improve to a level that will allow you to be successful at A level.

Students will have two teachers one for the Core Mathematics and one for the specialism chosen.

Course content

Students will sit an AS in Mathematics in the June of Year 12. The result of the AS does not count towards the final A Level. The skills learnt during Year 12 will be included on the Year 13 exams so it is important that students are dedicated from the start.

AS Pure Mathematics- the backbone…

  • Topics include: Proof, Algebra and functions, Co-ordinate Geometry in the (x,y) plane, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponential and Logarithms, Differentiation, Integration and Vectors.

AS Mechanics

  • Topics include: Quantities and Units in Mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s Laws.

AS Statistics

  • Topics include: Statistical Sampling, Data presentation and interpretation, Probability, Statistical Distribution, Statistical Hypothesis Testing.

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement for A Level Mathematics is a 6 in GCSE Mathematics. However, students with a 6 grade may find it difficult and need to take advantage of the extra help that is available outside lessons.  Students should also have a feel for numbers, be confident with algebra and enjoy doing mathematics as the course will take several hours of their time each week! You will need to be able to preserve with complex problems and have the skill to link different areas of mathematics together.

Future opportunities

Mathematics is an acceptable qualification for almost any higher education course or career and is widely respected.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Becket School directly.

Last updated date: 07 October 2016

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