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Mathematics A Level at Forest Hill School - Sydenham and Forest Hill Sixth Form

Course description

An A level course in mathematics is excellent preparation for careers in a wide range of disciplines.

Maths is not just a subject on its own, but a set of tools or a way of thinking. Almost any area that you can think of has a need for mathematicians. After all, how can you study the oceans if you don’t understand the waves? Or develop new drugs against diseases if you don’t know how to test whether they work or not?

Students with maths qualifications are sought after by employers and university admissions officers

This subject will become linear in September 2017.The details of the content account of this subject have not yet been finalized by the exam board, and maybe subject to change

Course content

Year 12

Pure mathematics is explored for its own sake and applications are found later. It is very abstract and requires a good level of confidence with algebra. Applied mathematics further subdivides into three areas: Statistics; Mechanics and Decision Mathematics (currently only offered to Further Maths students). Each of these applied subjects explores how we can use mathematics to help understand the real world.

Pure Mathematics (also called Core Maths) Firstly you will develop your GCSE work, for example; extending your algebraic manipulation skills and learning more about trigonometric functions. Then It Is on to topics such as calculus and exponential functions

Year 13


Again you develop your GCSE work. You will learn how to summarise and then interpret numerical data with different averages and measures of spread. You will develop your understanding of probability and start to use a model called the Normal Distribution, one of the most important topics in Statistics.


Mechanics is a mathematical approach to Physics. You will learn about the equations we use to describe bodies in motion and the forces that they interact with. These techniques are applicable to the motion of cars or satellites revolving round the planet.

Entry requirements

Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics at Higher level.

Minimum point score of 38 including Maths and English at grade 4 at GCSE. This is equivalent to 4B and 4C grades overall at GCSE. Students will also need to achieve the subject specific criteria below:

NEW GCSE POINT SCORE GCSE grade 2017 Points:

  • G 1.00
  • F 1.50
  • E 2.00
  • D 3.00
  • C 4.00
  • B 5.50
  • A 7.00
  • A* 8.50


3 modules: two in pure maths and one application.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Forest Hill School - Sydenham and Forest Hill Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017
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