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A Level Business Studies at Bournemouth School

Course description

At AS level, the course aims to give students the knowledge and skills to start and manage a business.
This involves learning about financial planning and the essential concepts needed to start a business.
The second unit relates to the methods used to manage a business in terms of people, operations
management, marketing and dealing with competition. Year 12 students can choose to participate in
the Dorset Enterprise and Skills challenge, whereby students work with local businesses in order to
set up their own business. During the first term they develop the business, culminating in a prestigious
competitive presentation, to local business people, highlighting their challenges and successes.
At A2 level students learn strategies for making their business a success including; functional,
financial, marketing, operational and human resource strategies. They also learn about the methods
businesses use in dealing with changes to the business environment. Students will assess corporate
aims and objectives and the effects of changes in the economic, political, social, ethical and
technological environment on businesses.
Year 2014 Advanced Subsidiary Award
Examination Board: AQA
GCE Business Studies 2130
Year 2015 A Level
Examination Board: AQA
GCE Business Studies 2130
Students interested in how businesses work will find this course useful. It provides a transition from
GCSE Business Studies or Economics although this is not a prerequisite for entry.
The course has been designed to help students understand:
- The challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning;
- How established businesses might improve their effectiveness through decision making;
- How businesses measure performance, plan strategies and deal with external factors and

Entry requirements

Our Sixth Form entry requirement is based on the applicant’s best 8 GCSEs including
English and Mathematics with a minimum of 356 points, with an A*, A or B in the
subjects chosen or in a related discipline. The points used are the Department for Education
(DfE) points - 58 A*, 52 A, 46 B, 40 C, 34 D, 28 E. (Maximum = 8 A* = 464 Points).
Essentially this means that you should be confident of achieving at least 6 B grades and 2
C grades at GCSE (and at least C grades in English Language and Mathematics) before
considering applying for a sixth form place at Bournemouth School.2
There are also some subject specific entry requirements in addition to the requirements for
joining the Sixth Form. In most cases, you will be expected to have attained at least a grade
B in the subject that you intend to study at Advanced Level (A-Level). The main exception to
this is for Mathematics and Further Mathematics. To study Mathematics at A-Level we
expect you to have attained an A* or A grade at GCSE, and for Further Mathematics an A*.
These requirements are based upon our experience over a number of years, and how well
Mathematics students cope with the transition between GCSE and A-Level. We recognise
that very few students will have had the opportunity to study Economics, Government and
Politics, or Psychology at GCSE level. To study these subjects at A-Level, we expect you to
have attained at least B grades in closely related subjects. Some subjects do not have any
subject specific requirements (but, you must, of course, have met the requirements of joining
the Sixth Form).

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bournemouth School directly.

Last updated date: 28 August 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years