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Physics A Level at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Course description

To undertake the course you will be expected to have shown interest and ability in the physics that you have studied so far, and to have demonstrated the capacity to work diligently. You will need a good grasp of mathematics and will be encouraged to study A level mathematics. The course involves a systematic approach containing careful and clear explanations, together with linked assignments and practical work. It raises and develops your understanding of electrical circuits, mechanics, radioactivity, light and heat as well as introducing you to new areas such as astrophysics.

Entry requirements

A student wishing to study physics should preferably have a grade A or A* in GCSE physics or core and additional science to be confident of success but certainly no less than grade B. In addition, a student should have grade 5 in GCSE mathematics.


  • Topic 1 : Mechanics
  • Topic 2 : Electrical Circuits
  • Topic 3 : Materials
  • Topic 4 : Wave and particle nature of light
  • Topic 5 : Further Mechanics
  • Topic 6 : Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Topic 7 : Nuclear and particle physics
  • Topic 8 : Thermodynamics
  • Topic 9 : Space
  • Topic 10 : Nuclear radiation
  • Topic 11 : Radioactivity
  • Topic 12 : Oscillations

Linear examinations sat at the end of Year 13.
Paper 1 : Advanced Physics 1 Assessed topics 1-7 (1.75 hours)
Paper 2 : Advanced Physics I Assessed topics 3-12 (1.75 hours)
Paper 3 : General & Practical Principles Assessed all (2.5 hours)

Future opportunities

Studying physics in the sixth form is a pathway to a wide variety of degree, HND and HNC qualifications at universities and other Higher Education institutions.

Physics students may like to consider the following courses among others: engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, structural engineering, aeronautical engineering, architecture, surveying, physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics, telecommunications, oceanography, computer science, material science, environmental science, earth science, geography, geophysics, radiography, meteorology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 14 November 2016

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