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Business Studies A Level at Torquay Boys Grammar School

Course description

Business Studies aims to provide the student with some of the basic factual information surrounding businesses and their operations. It examines the objectives of business organisations and how these objectives are attained. The course is not intended to be vocational but aims to make candidates aware of all it involves in terms of strategy, workforce management and the wider world. It will enable the student to examine the aims, objectives and practices of business organisations from economic, environmental and social aspects, understanding the point of view of the nation, local community, industry, proprietors, management, employees and consumers.


Course content

A brief summary of some of the major areas covered in the Business Studies course are as follows:-

- The problems of setting up a business, including location and management structures.
- The need for effective communication and the uses of new technology.
- The study of how firms organise efficient production to satisfy customers. This will include stock control, quality management, capacity utilisation and lean production methods.
- Interpreting accounting reports and financial reports, to be able to say whether a firm is doing well or badly from the published accounts of that firm.
- Marketing, including price, quality, packaging, advertising, distribution and transportation.
- Manpower, including recruitment, training, bargaining and motivation.
- Economic considerations and international trading.
- Government policy.
- Legal and social considerations.

Entry requirements

Previous examination is not required although candidates must have good numeracy and literacy skills.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Torquay Boys Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 25 April 2017

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