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Drama & Theatre Studies A-Level at The Chalfonts Community College

Course description

What is this course about?

Drama A Level will be lots of fun; you can expect to take part in workshops on plays and you will visit local theatres to evaluate performances.

Course content

What will I do on this course and how will I be assessed?

Unit 1

Exploration of Drama and Theatre 20% internally assessed practical and written coursework.

A practical and researched exploration of two plays from the point of view of performers, designers and directors. You will learn how written plays can be interpreted in different ways for performance. An exploration of a professional live theatre performance – written up as an evaluation.

Unit 2

Theatre Text in Performance 30% a practical examination marked by an external examiner. a) Students will take a role in a production of a group play. This could be working as a performer or a designer b) Students will prepare a monologue or duologue for examination

Unit 3

Exploration of Dramatic Performance 20% internally assessed practical and written coursework focusing on both process and end product. Students produce an original piece of drama for the presentation to an audience. A structured record (a working notebook) must be kept. Work can be produced from a play or given stimuli. e.g. a newspaper article, a poem or a song. We normally perform this play away from the College in an unusual venue.

Unit 4

Theatre Text in Context 30% marked by an external examiner, a written paper lasting two and a half hours.

Three examination questions based on the study of two plays.

Section A and B - students will relate their knowledge for the whole play to an extract in the exam, from a director’s approach. Section C - students will compare two productions of a play that they have seen and researched and demonstrate an understanding of the history of theatre development.

Entry requirements

What do I need to get on to this course? 

You will need to be passionate about the Arts, and have an interest in acting and directing. Ideally you should have achieved at least a Grade B in Drama GCSE, as well as a Grade C or above in GCSE English Language or Literature. You will be working both in College and the Community sharing your work with both students and examiners. 

A Level Drama is an exciting success at The Chalfonts – if you have a GCSE pass in Music or Drama and you enjoy performance, make sure you are part of the success! If you are not doing GCSE Drama you can do this course – but speak to us for more information.

Future opportunities

What can I expect to gain from this course and where could it lead?

Many universities recognise A Level Drama as an excellent foundation for further study at Degree level in the Arts. The course links well with so many A Levels currently on offer and provides a brilliant platform for work in the performing arts, Theatre, Television, Journalism and Music professions.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Chalfonts Community College directly.

Last updated date: 12 June 2015

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