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Physics AS and A-level at Shenley Brook End School

Course description

If you are interested in the fundamental science, the smallest ‘building blocks’ of the universe or if you have an interest in engineering or technology of any sort you need to consider studying Physics.  It can be taken alongside, or separate to, other science subjects but it matches particularly well with Chemistry and/or Maths.

Course content

The general topic areas for the course are:
• Motion
• Forces in action
• Work, energy and power
• Behaviour of materials
• Newton’s laws of motion and momentum
• Charge, current and electrical circuits
• Energy, power and resistance
• Waves
• Quantum physics
• Thermal physics
• Circular motion and Oscillations
• Gravitational fields
• Astrophysics
• Capacitors
• Electric fields and Electromagnetism
• Nuclear and particle physics
• Medical imaging

The A level Physics course should encourage students to:
• Understand the role that Physics plays in our lives.
• Develop analytical approaches and problem solving skills.
• Have a knowledge and understanding of the fundamental laws that govern the
• Collect data then analyse it accurately and critically.

Entry requirements

Students choosing to continue with Physics:  

• Need to have gained at least a grade A in GCSE Core Science and Additional
Science or at least a grade B in GCSE Physics (with a minimum grade B in each paper/module) alongside a further grade B in another science subject.
• A grade B or above in GCSE Mathematics is essential as there is a large
mathematical content throughout the course.
• An interest and passion in Physics that extends beyond school.
• An eye for detail and a methodical and accurate approach to practical work.


The course is assessed by exams and there are practical aspects which are reported separately. Two 2 hour 15 minute examinations which contribute 37% each of the overall A level grade and one 1 hour 30 minute examination which contributes
26% of the overall grade. Practical endorsement: A pass/fail certificate for practical skills which is awarded for A level. This is a separate award which is not linked to the Physics grade.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Shenley Brook End School directly.

Last updated date: 09 August 2016
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