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Physics A Level at The Compton School

Course description

Physics is the study of everything that is hard to see or hard to understand, from the subatomic to the infinity (possibly) of space. You will learn to explore and evaluate the theories that attempt to explain the entire universe and everything it contains. Scientists know that we cannot explain everything, but it cannot, and should not stop us trying. There is currently no understanding of why we cannot see most of the universe we know is there. We do not know why the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing, but we are trying. Scientists do know why the sky is blue and why every rainbow is unique to you. If your immediate response to not knowing something is to probe and question, then Physics is for you. You will learn to analyse, evaluate and interpret, work independently and collectively, and if you are very lucky you may find out if duck quacks echo.

Course content

The course includes the Foundations of physics, Energy and electricity, Thermal physics, Astrophysics, Quantum physics, Nuclear and Particle physics, Waves and Medical science.

Future opportunities

Physics is highly regarded by all universities and colleges, mainly because of the analytical elements and is therefore a useful subject to study no matter what your ultimate studies or career may be. It is not a requirement, but is useful for medicine, engineering, architecture, and geology and computing. Surprisingly, it is also a very common subject for those working in the major financial centres of the world. Some people spend their entire careers in research establishments such as CERN or working on the giant telescopes in such places as Hawaii and Chile.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Compton School directly.

Last updated date: 18 June 2015
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