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Psychology- AS/A2 Level AQA (A) at Churchdown School Academy

Course description

2 year course offered as part of a full time study programme

Course content

The AS course investigates what memory is and how psychologists carry out their research.

This is applied to every day situations within the context of day care to the criminal justice system.

A2 consists of two further units.   Students have an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge from AS and to analyse areas of contemporary psychology such as addiction and schizophrenia.

What does the AS course include?

Unit 1 PSYA1 Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods The first topic in this unit covers models of memory, memory in everyday life and attachment theory. It focuses on multistore models of memory, working memory models and eyewitness testimony (EWT). This course is studied alongside Attachment in everyday life including explanations of attachment and types of attachment. Students will also study research methods and how to analyse different types of data using qualitative and quantitative methods. The unit is assessed by an external examination.

Unit 2 PSYA2 Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual Differences This topic includes a comprehensive study of stress as a bodily response and stress in every day life. Students will study the experience of workplace stress and different personality types. There will also be an emphasis on an understanding in some depth of social influence in everyday life focusing on why people conform and how people resist pressures to conform in society. Students will also have an opportunity to explore psychological abnormality and how treatment is administered through therapy. The unit is assessed by an external examination. What does the A2 course include? Unit 3 PSYA3 Topics in Psychology This unit allows students to explore different issues in contemporary psychology. We focus on biological rhythms and sleep, social psychological approaches to explaining aggression and psychological explanations of eating behaviour and eating disorders. This unit is assessed by an external examination. Unit 4 PSYA4 Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research Methods Students will study clinical characteristics of schizophrenia and issues surrounding classification and diagnosis of the disorder. This topic will be evaluated through a range of different viewpoints ranging from biological, psychological, psychodynamic and behavioural therapies. Alongside this, students will also study the psychology of addictive behaviour. Different models of addictive behaviour will be evaluated as well as factors affecting addictive behaviour. This unit is assessed by an external examination.

Entry requirements

Pathway 1: 4 A levels

•        5 A* to C Grades in GCSEs, including Maths and English, and meeting any subject specific requirements (see below)

Pathway 2: A combination of A levels and Level 3 Vocational Courses

•        5 A*to C Grades (Merits in BTEC and Vocational Courses) and meeting any subject specific requirements (see below)

Further information

Where could this lead?

The skills inherent in the study of Psychology are those central to living itself. We seek to understand a wide range of information and viewpoints, analyse their utility, validity and provenance, then come to our own conclusions, which we must express through coherent and well supported logical argument.

There is probably no job in which you are not expected to support your view or represent your colleagues or company in this way. Our students go on to study Psychology at university, and many continue with social sciences or the arts.

Having Psychology as a degree, or as part of a degree, can enable students to go into varied professions such as the civil service, law, journalism, teaching, medicine, research, accounting and to obtain posts as a forensic psychologist, health psychologist or an occupational psychologist.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Churchdown School Academy directly.

Last updated date: 13 November 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years