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Further Mathematics A Level at London Academy of Excellence

Course description

“Maths and FurtherMaths” (“DoubleMaths”) is not a good name! It sounds like “Lots
of Hard Sums”, and completely fails to describe this beautiful, powerful, intriguing
and fascinating subject that utterly captivated the self-taught Indian genius
Srinvasa Ramanujan.
DoubleMaths is a hugely stimulating intellectual experience in itself.On top of that,
a good grade in AS or A2 FurtherMathematics is a certificate of genuine intellectual
ability: it is a qualification that is highly admired and valued by universities and
employers. If you likeMaths, if it interests you, and you are likely to get an A* or a high
A grade atGCSE then you will enjoy DoubleMaths. You do not need to be the best in
your school to succeed; interest and commitment are farmore important than
being top in every test.

Course content

If you study DoubleMaths, you are taught
separately from those studying just single
Maths. All your lessons are properly timetabled
in the school day, so that can explore in depth
the richly different aspects of the subject. There
are three strands to the course. In Pure
Mathematics you consider intriguing questions:
why can’t you solve x2 – 5y2=3? Can you
predict when your hot drink will be cool
enough? InMechanics you studymotion and
change.Why do you stumble backwards
when the train lurches forward? How do you
kick a football over the goalkeeper and into
the net? In Statistics you learn how tomake
justifiable inferences despite the ineradicable
presence of uncertainty: if you flip a coin ten
times and it shows Tails every time, is the
coin fake?

Entry requirements

Themore secure your grasp ofGCSEmaterial,
the stronger will be the foundations on which
you are building.Make sure you are always
attempting the hardest questions at the end of
practice papers. Confident and accurate
algebra is especially important, so do lots of
extra practice on this.


We teach theOCR (MEI) syllabus. You will sit six
examinations in June of Year 12 and then the
remaining six in Year 13. Calculators can be
used in all but onemodule.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact London Academy of Excellence directly.

Last updated date: 09 July 2015

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