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Economics A Level at Bishop Heber High School

Course description

Economics and Business are exciting and diverse subjects that will provide you with extensive subject knowledge and a range of transferable skills eg: Application of Number, Communication and ICT and is an excellent complementary subject that provides reinforcement to any subject at this level of learning. Economics and Business aim to enable students to have a critical understanding of business and the ability to apply their theoretical knowledge and analytical skills in further education and the workplace.

Economics and Business at Bishop Heber are offered as two clearly distinctive courses to match different learning styles.

All courses are fully supported with varied and practical visits including:

  • Jaguar LandRover – Production and International Perspective
  • Audi – Marketing
  • HSBC ( M&S Bank) – Human Resources
  • Chester Zoo – Customer Service
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport – External Influences 

Course content

Advanced Level Economics AS/A2

Economics provides an exciting progression from GCSE in Business (or a starting point if the subject as not been studied at GCSE) to a range of courses in further education and university in Economics and Business related subjects Economics enables students to use real-world business context to help them. Students also use data to help them analyse market and economies, and how government try to influence both. Students use economic theory to explain events and develop an understanding of the strategies employed by businesses in responding to those events.

It provides a broad Economics education before you decide to specialise in your chosen career area such as accountancy, human resource management, further economics, law and marketing. The Subject can be studied as both an AS level or an A level qualification.AS qualification will be examined on both Theme 1 and Theme 2, whereas the A Level qualification will be examined across Theme 1,2,3 and 4.

The AS students will take two external examinations, and when taking the subject on to A Level, students will take 3 examinations. 

Theme 1 – Markets, consumers and firms 

The unit covers: Scarcity, choice, potential conflicts. Enterprise, business and the economy, Sources and methods of finance, Market failure and government intervention, Revenues, costs and profits. 
Theme 2 – The wider economic environment
The unit covers: Business growth and competitive advantage, Marketing and elasticities of demand, Increasing business efficiency, Life in a global economy, The economic cycle, Introduction to macroeconomic policy. 
Theme 3 – The global economy
The unit covers: Globalisation, Business expansion, Global Marketing, Multi-national corporations, Global labour markets, Inequality and redistribution 

Theme 4 – Making markets work 

The unit covers: Competition and market power, Market failure in Business, Market failure across the economy, Macroeconomic policies and impact on business and individuals, Risk and the financial sector


AS examinations:

Paper 1 – Markets, consumers and firms 80 marks, 1.5 hour exam, 50% of qualification This paper assesses Theme 1 content.

Paper 2 – The wider economic environment 80 marks, 1.5 hour exam, 50% of qualification This paper assesses Theme 2 content.

A-level examinations:

Paper 1 – Markets and how they work:100 marks, 2 hours, 35% of qualification. This paper assesses Theme 1 and Theme 4 content.

Paper 2 – Competing in the global economy:100 marks, 2 hours, 35% of qualification. This paper assesses Theme 2 and Theme 3 content.

Paper 3 – The economic environment and business: 100 marks, 2 hours, 30% of qualification. This paper has a pre-released context to enable students to investigate an economy, industry, market or economic issue. The paper content assesses content across all four themes.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bishop Heber High School directly.

Last updated date: 31 August 2016

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