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Government and Politics AS/A Level at S. Peter's Collegiate School - A CofE Academy

Course description

Politics requires an interest in current affairs and a desire to understand where power lies in societies. In lessons topical issues are debated and applied to a wider understanding of how political processes operate. The focus in A’ Level is upon the way democracy works in Britain and America through examining political ideas and structures of government. An opinion and an open mind to others’ views are needed.

At AS the focus is upon Britain and students study a range of topics. These include:

Referendums (Should they be used more widely in the UK?), The Role of the Media in politics (How are newspapers biased?), Voting Behaviour (Do women vote differently to men?), Voting Systems (Is Britain’s first past the post a good system), Political Parties (How far has Labour revived under Ed Milliband?), Parliament (How should the House of Lords be reformed? ­), Devolution and Europe (What is the role of the European Parliament?).

At A2 the focus is upon America and students study a range of topics. These include:

Elections (Why was Barack Obama re-elected/not re-elected in 2012?), Pressure Groups (What is the role of the National Rifle Association in politics?), The American Constitution (Why is the Constitution central to America?), Presidential Power (Is the President too powerful?), The Supreme Court. (How are citizens’ rights protected?), Politics offers a range of opportunities, including a visit to the Houses of Parliament,  the Supreme Court and a chance to emulate the success of past AS students as finalists or winners in the Schools’ Question Time competition. In 2013 a trip was organised to the United States to visit their main political institutions in Washington. (A further trip is planned in spring 2015).

Course content


Unit 1  People, Politics and Participation

Unit 2  Governing Modern Britain


Unit 3  The Politics of the USA

Unit 4  The Government of the USA

Entry requirements

APS of 48 from best six GCSEs or equivalent



Written paper for 1 hour 30 minutes

Short answer and essay style questions.

Maximum Marks available:

100 UMS

25% of ‘A’ Level marks


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact S. Peter's Collegiate School - A CofE Academy directly.

Last updated date: 04 December 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September