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OCR Nationals in ICT at King Edward VII

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First Award (Level 2) This course has been developed to recognise students skills, knowledge and understanding of Information and Communication Technology functions, environments and operations.

The students carry out a range of tasks that have been designed to recognise their achievements in a modern, practical way that is relevant to the workplace.

OCR Nationals in ICT are available in Awards that are equivalent to one, two, three or four good GCSE passes. Students are encouraged to push themselves to achieve the best that they can - and often that is more than they expected! As the student achieves one Award they are entered for that qualification and if successful they go straight onto the work for the next. This may seem rather like Russian Roulette, but it also means that students are able to achieve the best results that they possibly can, in an environment that allows them to learn skills at their own pace. Most students will gain more than one GCSE-equivalent qualification, some may achieve the one. All have an equal opportunity to make the assessment of the course suit their learning pace.

The course specifically aims to:

  • Develop students knowledge and understanding of the information and Communication Technology sector.
  • Develop students skills, knowledge and understanding in contexts that are directly relevant to employment situations, thereby enhancing their employability within the Information and Communication Technology sector.
  • Develop students ability to work independently and effectively in an Information and Communication Technology context.
  • Enable students to develop knowledge and understanding in specialist areas of Information and Communication Technology and demonstrate the skills needed to become part of the operation development of business.
  • Encourage progression by assisting in the development of skills, knowledge and understanding that learners will need to access further or higher education programmes or occupational training on a full-time basis or to enter employment.

Students ARE required to put in time in independent study, especially if they want to push for the additional qualifications. They do not need access to a computer at home: the suites in school are available during most days of the week for students to work on their Assignments in out of class time.

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Assessment & Coursework This course is 100% coursework only. The work is marked lesson-by-lesson and as you achieve an Assessment Objective at the level required you to move onto the next.

Examinations There are NO examinations in this subject at all. Your work is assessed in the real world as you do it!

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You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 20 October 2016

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