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Religious Studies A level at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

Course description

Religious Studies is a popular and very successful A-Level at QEGS. Past students have gone on to study at many of the top Universities and to use their knowledge in a variety of careers ranging from Medicine, Law, and Finance right through to the Police Service and the Armed Forces.
It is recommended that students have an interest in current affairs as they are regularly used to enrich their learning experiences through applying them to philosophical, ethical and religious ideas.
There are regular practice essays to support students in developing their exam skills, plus regular lively debates and discussions as we explore these fascinating and often contentious topics.

Course content

Year 12: 
Religion and Ethics
Ethics is the study of ideas surrounding ‘right and wrong’. In this paper students will explore the key moral principles and values that underline Christian identity. From this foundation, students will also critically explore other key ethical theories (both religious and non-religious) as they apply them to complex and often emotive issues surrounding human life and death, as well as also applying them to issues surrounding animal welfare.
Religion and Philosophy
Here, students will study Christian philosophical concepts surrounding God, sources of authority and beliefs about life after death. Students will then progress to explore further key philosophical arguments surrounding the existence of God, religious experiences, and evil and suffering.
Year 13
A-Level students continue to explore new areas of religious studies, philosophy and ethics in an A-Level which is designed to challenge and yet offer a structured approach to the final examination.
Religion and Ethics
Students will continue to develop their understanding of complex issues surrounding Christianity and sexual identity, as well assessing the effects of religious pluralism on core Christian principles and values. From here, students will progress to critically evaluate additional significant ethical theories (Bentham and Kant), study metaethics (the meaning of ethical language), exploring concepts of conscience, and finally analyse arguments surrounding freewill/determinism.
Religion and Philosophy
Students will continue to explore complex philosophical arguments drawing upon the challenges to Christian belief from scientific advancement, and the nature and role of Christianity in modern society. They will also critically analyse the philosophical and religious challenges of miracles, religious language and the idea of ‘self’ in relation to life after death.

Entry requirements

To follow a programme of A-Level subjects, students must have a minimum of 5.5 GCSE points from at least six GCSEs, which must include English and Mathematics (at grade 5). 
In order to study a subject at A-Level that has been studied at GCSE it is necessary to have at least a grade C (grade 5 if English) in that subject.
GCSE equivalence grades at C or above, from courses such as BTECs can only be
counted as one of the six grades required for entry to the Sixth Form. These will not be sufficient to study Mathematics or Science at AS Level.
All students must have a good record of conduct and be comfortable with the values and the ethos of the academy. All students will be interviewed and references sought for external candidates.
Progress from Year 12 to Year 13 is not automatic and is dependent upon a successful first year and a pass grade in the progression exams taken at the end of Year 12.


AS level:
AS 1B;  Religion and Philosophy:  Written Exam: 1hr 45min:  50% of AS level
AS 2B:  Religion and Ethics:  Written Exam: 1hr 45min:  50% of AS level
A level:
A2 1B:  Religion and Philosophy:  Written Exam: 3hr:  50% of A level
A2 2B:  Religion and Ethics:  Written Exam: 3hr:  50% of A level

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 23 December 2016

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