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Law A level at Tupton Hall School

Course description

This is a ‘new start’ subject – you probably won’t have studied Law before, so all are welcome. You will find a willingness to read helpful and you should be comfortable with writing answers to questions. An ability to think logically and think around a problem will be developed during the course. If you are interested in the social world around you and enjoy discussion and debate this also helps. There is no ‘typical’ student – for example, some students mix law with sciences or other social sciences, others with art, music or humanities.

Course content

The course is modular – there are four modules as follows: 


G151 (English Legal System):Powers of the police; types of offence; mode of trial; bail; sentencing; civil and criminal courts; the legal profession; judiciary and magistrates; juries; public and private funding of cases.

G152 (Sources of Law): judicial precedent; statutory interpretation; legislation and delegated legislation; judicial review; European Law and its impact on the UK; law reform.


Criminal law: 2 modules covering the detailed substantive rules of law in this area.

G153 (Criminal Law): 

  • Principles of criminal liability - actus reus and mens rea; burden and standard of proof; strict liability; inchoate offences (attempt). 
  • Fatal offences – murder; voluntary manslaughter (loss of self-control and diminished responsibility); involuntary manslaughter (constructive; gross negligence; reckless).
  • Non-fatal offences – assault, battery, ABH, GBH Property offences - theft, robbery, burglary. 
  • Defences: mistake, consent, self-defence, intoxication, insanity, automatism, duress.

G154 (Criminal Law Special Study): A special study of a particular area of law based upon pre-released material from the exam board (past examples include non-fatal offences, manslaughter, duress, attempt).

Entry requirements

Minimum of ‘C’ in English GCSE (ideally grade B or above).

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tupton Hall School directly.

Last updated date: 09 September 2016

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