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History at Tuxford Academy Technology College and Training School

Course description

Why study History?

You should study History because it is fascinating and awe inspiring! History is the study of human beings, and by studying History further you will be able to explore the multifaceted nature of the human experience and use your imagination to move through key events of different ages.

History is a keystone subject that is highly valued by universities and employers, regardless of the degree or career you pursue. As a History student you will learn to examine issues critically and creatively, use evidence to develop a convincing argument and think boldly yet flexibly to reach insightful judgements. You will become better at evaluating critically the significance and usefulness of primary and secondary material. You will learn how to organise and present your ideas, clearly and coherently.

Furthermore, studying History will provide you with a multifaceted insight into human experience and help you to make sense of a complex, globalising world. The importance of history is highlighted in this prospectus by how many times other subjects say they will cover ‘history’in their syllabus! History is a challenging subject, but you can be confident that if you try hard you will reach your potential. Last academic year 100% of AS students achieved an A-E, 94% achieved an A-C and 25% achieved a grade A. Whilst at A2 100% achieved an A-C and 22% achieved a grade A*-A. On average students beat their target grade at both AS and A2.

What will I learn about?

At AS you will study a unit called ‘Searching for Rights and Freedoms in the Twentieth century’. This will include 2 fascinating modules. One module is called ‘In search of the American Dream, c.1917- 96’and includes topics such as prohibition, the growth of a superpower, African American civil rights, the Vietnam war, the impact of TV and Reagan’s presidency. The second module is called ‘India, c1914–48 the Road to Independence’and includes topics such as the British Raj, Ghandhi, the Muslim league, and partition.

At A2 you will study a unit called ‘Britain: Losing and Gaining an Empire, 1763– 1914’. This will include topics such as the growth and role of the empire, loss of America, the birth of Australia ‘the criminal’ colony, making Canada last, and Britain in Africa. You will also complete a coursework assignment of one 3,000-4,000 essay, potentially you can write your own question on any topic in History of your choosing!

How is it taught?

You will be encouraged to ask questions and develop informed opinions based upon wide reading. A variety of teaching methods will be utilised including active learning, seminars, games, debates, one-to- one conversations, quizzes, group-presentations and teacher-student discussions. We are keen to makes lessons varied and fun. Your ability to work independently and form your own understanding and interpretations will be constantly promoted.

Your progress will be supported through model answers, clear essay guidelines, formative marking, AfL activities and revision guides. To give you extra support we also use padlet pages, upon which you can post questions and discuss your learning with fellow students; make mentoring available; share resources via dropbox; share strong revision guides; and we are always willing to talk with you individually about your studies.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE History and Grade B in English.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tuxford Academy Technology College and Training School directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years