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History AS/A Level at Sheldon School

Course description

The A Level history course enables students to develop their understanding of the significance of historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time. The course considers the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. Students will learn a range of skills, including effective debating, producing coherent and well-justified arguments, and looking at historical evidence critically. The AS Level is taught in Year 12, building to two AS exams. The A Level is a linear course, taught over Years 12 and 13. Students complete two exams at the end of Year 13 and submit one piece of coursework.

Course content

Component 1: Spain in the Age of Discovery, 1469–1598 Students study in breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence through key questions including:

  • What were the political issues and how well did rulers handle them?
  • How and to what extent did the economy and society develop and change?
  • How important were religious and other new ideas in Spain’s development?
  • To what extent did Spain become a ‘Great Power’?

Component 2: The Making of Modern Britain, 1951–2007

  • Students study in depth the key political, economic, social and international changes which helped to mould Britain in the second half of the 20th century. They explore concepts such as government and opposition, class, social division and cultural change, as well as Britain’s changing place in the world

Component 3: Warfare, 1792-1918

  • Students will study this topic in lessons and then continue to produce their own extended piece of writing, answering a question of their choice relating to this period.

Entry requirements

A Grade B at GCSE History is preferable; however, consideration will be given to C grade students who have a proven record of commitment to and enthusiasm for History. Students who have not studied GCSE History should discuss their suitability with Miss Frater as they would be expected to achieve B grade or above in their Humanities GCSE subject.



Two exams on Spain (1469-1556) and Britain (1951-1979)

A Level

Two exams on Spain (1469-1598) and Britain (1951-2007) and a piece of coursework

Future opportunities

A-Level History is highly regarded by all Universiti es. The study of History often lends itself to careers in Law, Politics, Journalism and Teaching but provides a very well respected qualification for any future career path.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Sheldon School directly.

Last updated date: 28 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years