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Alevel Mathematics at King Edward VI Aston School

Course description

We offer a total of 12 mathematics modules, allowing students to gain both a Mathematics and a Further Mathematics A level. The examination board is Edexcel

We currently have about 170 students studying mathematics; the examination board is Edexcel

Most students study six modules from the twelve which we offer.  Modules offered are from the areas of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics.  Those wishing to take two A levels in mathematics will study all twelve modules.  Further Mathematics is normally studied as an extra A level.

The mathematics course is a demanding one.  Only those who have taken the higher paper at GCSE should consider undertaking it.  For Aston students there is an additional indicator: experience has shown that unless a student was in one of the top three sets in Years 10 and 11 he will struggle to achieve a satisfactory A level pass.

Course content

Pure Mathematics

Number, algebraic operations, sequences and series, coordinate geometry, functions, exponentials and logarithms, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, numerical methods, vectors.


Vectors, kinematics and dynamics, projectiles, work and energy, physical structures, circular motion, simple harmonic motion


Probability, collection of data, descriptive statistics, discrete probability distributions, continuous probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression.

Further Pure Mathematics

Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, complex numbers, properties of curves, further calculus, power series, matrices and transformations.


In January of Year 12, AS students sit the statistics module and at the end of Year 12 they sit the remaining two pure modules.

In January of Year 13, A2 students sit the mechanics module and at the end of Year 13 they sit the remaining two pure modules to gain an A level in Mathematics.

Further Mathematics AS students sit an additional module in January and then two extra modules at the end of Year 12.  This pattern is repeated in Year 13 for the A2 course.

Further Mathematics students gain an AS in Further Mathematics and an A level in Further Mathematics in addition to their Mathematics qualification. They have the choice of taking the AS Further Mathematics examination only (9 modules).

Future opportunities

University degree courses or employment

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Aston School directly.

Last updated date: 13 November 2015
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