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Chemistry A Level at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Course description

Chemistry is the science that explains how materials behave and how new materials can be made. Chemistry is at the forefront of advancing new technologies in these areas, as well as developing alternative energy resources and working towards reducing pollution. The course will give students an in depth understanding of current theories, offer an opportunity for developing practical skills and provide plenty of links between what is being studied and its applications.

The successful A Level chemist will be a deep thinker and an independent learner. The ability to picture and imagine behaviour of particles too small to be seen is essential. Chemistry suits a student who likes to find things out by experiment but who can also consider and evaluate evidence in arriving at a theory or solution to a problem.

Entry requirements

A student wishing to study chemistry should preferably have a grade A or A* in GCSE chemistry or core and additional science to be confident of success but certainly no less than grade B.


The AQA linear A Level course being followed begins with a detailed study of the atom, structure and bonding, the periodic table and calculations involving relative atomic masses. Students would then go on to study a unit about chains, energy and resources. Practical skills are an important element of the course, and will be assessed in written papers at the end of the course. The theory component of the course is assessed by written examinations taken in June of Year 13. The school will provide the necessary textbooks. Students may choose to purchase a lab coat and their own personal safety glasses.

Future opportunities

Studying chemistry in the sixth form is a pathway to a wide variety of degrees, HND and HNC qualifications at universities and other Higher Education institutions.
Chemistry students may like to consider the following courses among others: medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacology, pharmacy, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biomedical science, material science, forensic science, engineering, environmental science, earth science, geology, agriculture, archaeology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 14 November 2016

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