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Latin A Level at Ripon Grammar School

Course description

The course is divided between the study of the language and the study of Latin prose and verse literature.

In language lessons pupils extend their command of Latin grammar and vocabulary. They are introduced to a range of authors as preparation for the ‘unseen’ part of the exam. Learning how to write Latin prose is an option for those who have the inclination and ability.

In literature lessons a close study is made of the style of individual Latin authors. The set texts are as follows:

AS Course

Ovid: Metamorphoses III – The tragic story of King Pentheus’ refusal to acknowledge the go Bacchus.

Cicero: De Imperio – Cicero discusses the art military command to help persuade the Senate to select his ally Pompey for a campaign against an eastern king.

A2 Course

Tacitus: Annals XV- The decadent rule of Nero, the great fire of Rome and the persecution of the Christians all feature in this extract.

Propertius Elegies III- A selection of poems on a range of themes from one of Rome’s greatest poets.


Entry requirements

Latin GCSE is essential, ideally an A grade but at least a B.



Assessed at a standard between GCSE and A2 by means of two 1½ hour examinations, testing knowledge and appreciation of set texts and unseen translation. There is an English to Latin translation option.


Assessed by means of two 2 hour examinations, testing knowledge and appreciation of set texts and unseen translations. There is an English to Latin translation option.

Future opportunities



Further information

The language component of Latin A level leads to well-developed analytical skill, while the study of Latin literature enhances the appreciation of all subsequent literature. Students of Latin tend to excel at both logical thinking and clear, elegant expression. Latin thus makes an ideal fourth A level combination with either arts or science subjects and is rightly regarded by university admissions tutors as one of the most prestigious and demanding of all A level subjects.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ripon Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 09 September 2016
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