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Economics AS & A Level at Bridgewater High School

Course description

The course puts Economic Theory into Context, focussing on Case Studies and developing analysis and evaluation skills. Throughout the course you will also improve your quantitative skills via worked examples, and cultivate an awareness of recent economic events in the UK and elsewhere. 

We will evaluate Government intervention - for example Legislation, Education, Taxation and Subsidies, as well as investigating the various indicators of economic success: Trade, Inflation, GDP Growth, Employment and the Redistribution of Wealth and Income. 

We will consider issues such as Competitve Advantage, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Equitability, Equity, Productivity, and Sustainability in the context of individual business, industries, the national economy and on an international level. 

Economic Theory is a rapidly expanding and changing science which aims to model, evaluate and understand Economic Behaviour, considering both Consumer and Producer expectations, as well as the importance of Externalities and Government. 

Course content


  • Component 1: The Operation of Markets and Market Failure
  • Component 2: The National Economy in a Global Context.


  • Component 1 &2 are extensions in Knowledge, Application, Analysis and Evaluation of the AS Components
  • Component 3: Economic Principles and Issues, including an over-arching Case Study

This course is delivered via Distance Learning, with two online Tutorials per week, backed up by pre-set Independent Work each week. The Tutor, maintains contact with Mrs Winstanley throughout the course, providing regular progress and attainment reports. 

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at A*-C, including Maths and English (Humanities & Languages provide a good background). 



  • 2 exam papers (50% weighting each) comprising multiple choice questions and data response questions, totalling 70 marks


  • 3 exam papers (33.3% weighting each) comprising data response, essay questions, an objective test and case study (investigation and response)

Future opportunities

Economics teams really well with a combination of sciences, arts, humanities and languages, as it gives a broader practical understanding and a deeper academic knowledge of interrelated issues. It is well respected by universities and employers alike. 

Due to this course being delivered via Distance Learning, you will also be able to state that you have shown extended technological, organisational and self-study skills, well beyond the "typical" A Level student!

On average, Economics graduates earn appox. 40% more than other graduates within 5 years of leaving university. Careers in economics are as diverse as they come, with job roles covering everything from food and agriculture to business and banking. Depending on your area of interest, studying economics will help you develop specialised analytical  skills, enabling you to successfully enter multiple industries as a professional with an eye for economics. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bridgewater High School directly.

Last updated date: 18 October 2016

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