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Media Studies AS/A Level at Fitzharrys School

Course description

This is a subject which is now a reformed A level which means that the result of the AS exams does not contribute to the overall A level mark and grade . If a student leaves the course after AS then this new type of AS is worth 40% of the UCAS points of the full A level for University entry in 2017onwards. If a student completes the two year A level course then it is only assessment at the end of the second year that counts towards the full A level grade

Course content

AS: MS1 & MS2 - The exam and coursework elements will likely cover ‘Representations’ within the media. You will learn about analysing and decoding media texts as well as gaining understanding of the agenda behind specific media products. It is highly probable that you will also research and analyse a specific area of the media, and use appropriate ICT to produce creative print or moving media production work.

A2: MS3 & MS4 - The coursework component is likely to involve the student having to complete an extensive research project within either ‘Narrative’, ‘Genre’, or ‘Representation’, as well as creating a convincing media product. The examination is likely to assess your in depth knowledge and understanding of text, industry, and audience. You will study a range of media industries in-depth, as well as texts emanating from those industries

Entry requirements

A critical approach – you do not take things at face value;
An enquiring mind – you want to uncover truth
An interest in the media – you are interested in both learning about the media as well as making your own media products;
You are able to write essays well;
You are creative and imaginative – you will need to create your own media products


AS:The exact method and weighting of assessment is still to be decided and published. You will need to make reference to several media theorists as well as providing your own extensive knowledge and analysis of industry, representation, and audience. You will also complete coursework. You will have a degree of freedom to choose an area of media that interests you and explore it before creating a media text of your own. This might be a music video or trailer for a film.

A2: We will study different media industries and related texts belonging to those specific industries. You will have extensive knowledge of these industries by the end of the course. You will probably explore historical media products and consider at least one that is produced outside the commercial mainstream. There will be a further study of theory that will be applied to exemplar media products, and most likely assessed through both exam and coursework components.

Future opportunities

Many of our students go on to study media at university level as a result of this course.

Further information

You will learn through a variety of methods including independent research, practical activities and analysis. You will study many different media texts in order to understand their construction, as well as making media products of your own. There will be both an examination and a coursework element within this course.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Fitzharrys School directly.

Last updated date: 07 October 2016
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