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AS and A Level History at Wetherby High School

Course description

The A Level History course builds upon the skills you developed during GCSE History. We look at both depth and breadth studies and look at big picture history as well as more local studies. Lessons are heavily independent and require you to work collaboratively and independently to develop your knowledge. History requires good resilience as lessons move at a quick pace. At Year 2, we look at embedding source skills as well as developing essay writing to prepare you for the final exams. We cover new content each year to keep you engaged in the subject and look at British, European and American history in our studies as well as units focusing on medieval and modern history. 

Course content

AS Unit Information 

Britain Transformed 1918-79:

1.     A changing political and economic landscape

2.     Creating a Welfare State

3.     Society in Transition

4.     The changing quality of life

5.     What impact did Margaret Thatcher have on Britain 1979-1997

The USA 1955-92, Conformity and Challenge

1.       Affluence and Conformity, 1955-63

2.       Protest and Reaction, 1963-72

3.       Social and Political change, 1973-1980

4.       Republican Dominance and its opponents, 1981-92

A2 Unit Information 

Paper 3: The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and North America, c. 1580—c. 1750

Unit 1: Aspects in breadth: Challenges to the witch craze c.1580-c.1750

1.       Changing attitudes to witchcraft in Britain

2.       The wider intellectual context: the coming of the age of science and reason


Unit 2: Aspects in depth: Persecuting witches

1.       The North Berwick witches in Scotland, 1590-91 and the aftermath to 1597

2.       The Lancashire witches of 1604-13

3.       The Great witch-hunt in Bamberg, Germany, 1623-32

4.       Matthew Hopkins and the East Anglian witch craze, 1645-47

5.       Cotton Mather and the Salem witch-hunt, 1692-93


Unit 4: Controlled Assessment – The Holocaust


AS Assessment Overview

Paper 1: Britain Transformed 1918-97                                                                    

30% A Level | 60% AS

2 hours 15 minutes

Paper 2: The USA, 1955-1992

20% A level | 40% AS

1 hour 30 minutes

A2 Assessment Overview

Paper 3: The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and North America, c. 1580—c. 1750

30% A Level

2 hours 15 minutes


20% A Level

Students complete an independently researched enquiry on historical interpretations, e.g. the origins of WW1 or origins of the Cold War.


3000-4000 word essay


How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 14 November 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: AS 1 year and A Level 2 years
  • Course code: EDEXL 8HI0

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