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Science GCSE at Weatherhead High School

Course description

Qualification :General Certificate of Secondary Education
Exam Board :OCR (OCEAC)
Category :Science - Science and Mathematics

Course content

G.C.S.E. Science identifies the activities and experiences that students will come across in everyday life. It is completed in one year. There are six modules, covering Biology (B1 and B2), Physics (P1 and P2) and Chemistry (C1 and C2):
B1 - Understanding Ourselves - topics included: Fit for Life, What's for Lunch? Keeping Healthy, Nervous System, Drugs, Genes.
B2 - Understanding Our Environment - topics included: Grouping Organisms, Food Chains, Adaptations, Survival of the Fittest, Population Control, Sustainability.
C1 - Carbon Chemistry - topics included: Cooking, Food Additives, Smells, Crude Oil, Polymers, Fuels and energy.
C2 - Rocks and Metals - topics included: Paints and Pigments, Construction Materials, Metals and Alloys, Clean Air.
P1 - Energy for the Home - topics included: Heating Houses, Insulation, Cooking with Waves, Infra-red Signals, Wireless Signals, Light.
P2 - Living for the Future - topics included - Collecting Energy from the Sun, Power Stations, Nuclear Radiations, Magnetic fields, Solar System, The Big Bang.


There are Two Written Examinations (Unit 1 and 2) and one Skills Assessment Unit:
Unit One Examination: This tests topics from B1, C1 and P1. It takes one hour, accounts for 33.3% of the G.C.S.E, and examined in January of Year 10.
Unit Two Examination: This tests topics from B2, C2 and P2. It takes one hour, accounts for 33.3% of the G.C.S.E, and is examined in June.
Skills Assessment Unit: This is made up of Can-do tasks (routine practical activities 13.3% of the G.C.S.E.) and a research project Science in the News, (20% of the G.C.S.E.).

Future opportunities

Science and Additional Science provide the basis for further study at AS Level, provided examinations are taken to Higher Level and a minimum of Grade C is obtained. (a `B` grade is prefered).

Further information

In Year 11, Students take Additional Science G.C.S.E. This builds on the Gateway Science G.C.S.E. where a further six additional modules will be studied: B3- Living and Growing, B4 - It's a Green World, C3 - Periodic Table, C4 - Chemical Economics, P3 - Forces and P4 - Radiation for Life. Assessment again consists of two Written Examinations and a Skills Assessment Unit.
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How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Weatherhead High School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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