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Further Mathematics at The Bishop's Stortford High School

Course description

Examination Board: (OCR) MEI.

What makes a good Further Mathematician?

A good further mathematician has all the skills of a normal mathematician but is likely to be sharper at picking up new skills as well as being able to recall a wide range of skills and select the best method to solve a complicated problem. The student will also have a wide range of other interests to relate the abstract skills to, such as string theory, number theory, computer programming or economics, to name but a few possibilities.

A practical and logical mind, together with a willingness to persevere, is essential.

What can I expect to learn in Further Mathematics?

A student completing Maths and Further Maths A2 is likely to have studied 4 core units developing algebra including equations for the path of a circle and geometry such as trigonometry.

In the two further pure units students learn about concepts such as matrices and complex numbers and their amazing applications.

In the three mechanics modules students will learn about friction, energy, circular motion (how do ice skaters spin so quickly?) and oscillations.

The two statistics modules teach all sorts of analysis of data developing scatter diagrams and histograms but a particular focus is probability and the ability to predict the future.

During the AS year students also study a Decision Maths module to learn about maximising efficiency.

Course content

Students selecting a Maths with Statistics course at AS or A2 can also study Further Maths.

The Further Maths AS is gained by taking three units (in addition to the three for AS Maths), taught separately to straight Maths in a timetabled set. To supplement the Maths course the Further Maths course consists of two applied units and one pure.

Similarly the A2 course supplements the Maths with Statistics option with two more applied units and one more pure module.

Entry requirements

A* grade in GCSE Mathematic.


Examinations: January and May/June.

Coursework: None.

Future opportunities

Further Mathematics can lead wherever you want but top universities are increasingly preferring students to study at least the Further Maths AS for courses such as Physics, Engineering and other Maths related subjects as well as the obvious choice of Maths itself.

We offer STEP Maths and AEA support for students considering Oxbridge, Warwick, or other top universities.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Bishop's Stortford High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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