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English Language A Level at Alsager School

Course description

Exam Paper 1: Language and the individual - This exam unit covers the introductory aspects of the study of language using a variety of texts such as an extract of conversation heard on a bus, the writing on a yoghurt pot or an extract from a children’s short story.
Exam Paper 2: Language Varieties- The first section of this exam unit looks at how occupation, power, gender and technology impact the language that we use in our lives. In addition to this you will be asked to write an opinion article in which your discuss language. It may look at accent in particular and what attitudes people might have to a Geordie accent, for example, compared to a Liverpool accent.

Exam Paper 1: Language, the individual and Society- The first section of this exam covers the introductory aspects of the study of language using a variety of texts that was studied during the AS course. However, Section B looks at ‘Children’s Language Development’ looking at how children learn to read, write and speak.
Exam Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change- The first section of this exam unit may ask you to consider how men and women talk differently and whether men really are from Mars and women from Venus! You may also consider how much variety there is in the modern English Language. Section B will ask you to look at how language is changing and consider why, for example, ‘wicked’ now means something positive. In addition to this, you will be asked to consider language change and write an opinion article in which you voice how you feel about words such as Reem entering the English Language.
Coursework: Language in Action – In this coursework unit, candidates apply their knowledge of linguistic methods and concepts to an investigation of their choice. Students choose whichever area of language interests them most. The investigation is followed by the production of a piece of original writing (eg. newspaper or magazine article) followed by a commentary.

Entry requirements

Although this course is very different from GCSE, you should have gained at least a Grade B in English Language.


100% Exam

A Level
80% Exam
20% course work

Future opportunities

English Language combines effectively at A Level and at undergraduate level with a huge range of subjects. It is a useful subject for Journalism, Law, Media Studies, Social Sciences, Modern Languages and Speech and Language therapy. Effective English is always a great asset for employment. Students wanting to study a traditional English course at University may need to study Literature too.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Alsager School directly.

Last updated date: 12 January 2016
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