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Further Mathematics AS/A Level at New College Durham

Course description

AS or A Level Further Maths is a second (and separate) AS/A Level to maths. It is a course which broadens and deepens the maths covered in AS/A Level Maths. It develops your mathematical ability and introduces you to new topics, such as matrices and complex numbers, which are vital for maths-rich degrees in areas such as sciences, engineering, statistics and computing, as well as mathematics itself.

Further Maths is usually studied alongside AS/A Level Maths, but if you’ve already started your A levels, it may not be too late. You can study AS Level Further Maths in your second year of A levels, alongside A Level Maths.

University studies have shown that students who study A Level Further Maths are better prepared for the rigours of a degree course because of the advanced logical thought and problem solving that is developed throughout the course. Students going on to study Physics, Maths or Engineering also benefit from having covered some of the mathematical content before.

Course content

At AS Level you will study 3 modules, all assessed by exam, and another 3 modules at A2, all assessed by exam. Of these, three will be pure maths modules and three will be applied maths modules: two Decision Maths modules and one Mechanics module. Decision Maths involves linear programming, algorithms, graph theory and critical path analysis, and develops not only your problem solving skills but will also help should you wish to work in computer programming. Mechanics follows on from the Mechanics that you will have studied at A Level Maths, and helps greatly with Physics.

To study Further Maths you must study A Level Maths. It also goes very well alongside Physics and/or Chemistry.

Entry requirements

A or A* at GCSE Maths (preferably A*)

Future opportunities

For many mathematics degrees, Further Maths is listed as essential. Some leading universities, such as Cambridge, Durham, Imperial, King’s, UCL, and Warwick now specify Further Mathematics as an entry requirement for their mathematics degrees. Many other universities expect students to have taken Further Mathematics and will make lower offers for your third A Level because of this. For a few Physics and Engineering courses, Further Mathematics is essential or highly desirable.

In a booklet called ‘Informed Choices’, a guide to help students make decisions about post-16 education, it specifies that the subjects that give you the most options are: maths, further maths,English (Literature), Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact New College Durham directly.

Last updated date: 21 April 2016

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