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Further Mathematics A Level at Cowley International College

Course description

Any student who wishes to take Further Mathematics at
A-level must also be studying A-level Mathematics.

For Further Mathematics, students take the Further Pure 1,
Statistics 1 and Statistics 2 modules in Year 12 and the Further
Pure 2, Statistics 3 and Further Pure 3 modules in Year 13.

Course content

Further Mathematics is one of the Russell Group of Universities’
facilitating subjects, as it allows you to take a wide range
of degree courses at university. It is also extremely helpful to
any student who studies Physics at A-level, as there is considerable
overlap between Physics and our Mechanics modules.

There is one additional reason why you may wish to consider
taking A-level Further Mathematics – if, by chance you do
better on a Further Mathematics module than you did on say
the Statistics 1 or Decision 1 Module for A-level Mathematics,
the examination board will automatically switch round these
scores to maximise your A-level Mathematics grade. This
has in the past had the effect of improving a number of our
students’ A-level Mathematics performance by at least one
grade, say from a C up to a B (very useful indeed when you are
trying to secure that university place).

Entry requirements

To study Further Mathematics at A-level, you will need an A
or A* grade (grade 7) in GCSE Mathematics. Students must
also be very hardworking, as past experience tells us that you
must be bright and hard working to succeed at A-level Further

Future opportunities

According to the Russell Group, A-level Further Mathematics
is an essential or useful A-level subject for the following
careers and degree choices: Biochemistry, Biomedical
Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science,
Dentistry, Electronic Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics,
Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Optometry, Physics
and Veterinary Science

Further information

Did you know…
Most people think of Albert Einstein to be a scientist
(you know, he of E = mc2 fame). In fact, most of what he did
was theoretical – using Mathematics to prove his ideas about
the Universe.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Cowley International College directly.

Last updated date: 03 February 2017

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