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Geography AS A2 at Thomas Becket Catholic School

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Ø     Background Together the AS and A2 exams form the A level qualification, but students can choose: v     To leave at the end of year 12 having completed the AS. v     To take up the AS at the beginning of year 13. v     To continue with both AS and A2 throughout years 12 and 13. In year 12, the examination is a mix of short data response answers and free writing. It does not involve essay style response. In year 13, the examination is far more testing. It involves an essay style response to a clearly set question. One advantage is that a total of 30% of the examination can be done as fieldwork or as another geographical enquiry.

Entry requirements

A background knowledge at GCSE level is an advantage as this course offers a strong foundation in physical and human geography. If you have not done geography before, this may not be a handicap, provided you read the text books every week and keep up to date with the homework. Reading through your notes before each lesson will also help you to understand the topics.


To get a certificate for Advanced Subsidiary (AS), you will need to have studied and been assessed on 3 AS units. To get a certificate for Advanced GCE, you will need to have studied and been assessed on the 3 AS units, plus 3 further units, known as A2 units, making a total of 6 units. Many important themes are addressed which are relevant to the 21st century, covering environmental and global issues. The AS units of work you will study are as follows:The AS course is an investigative approach to topics in physical and human geography. Unit One : Physical Environment( 20% of the total A level mark - 40% AS mark )1½ hour examination paper with four compulsory questions:·        Hydrological Systems·        Ecosystems·        Atmosphere Systems·        Lithosphere Unit Two : Human Environment( 15% of the total A level mark - 30% AS mark )1¼ hour examination paper with 2 compulsory sections:·        Population·        Rural and Urban Settlement. Unit Three : Geographical Enquiry and Skills( 15% of the total A level mark - 30% AS mark )1¼ hour examination paper.·        A written explanation of fieldwork investigation.·        2 questions on geographical techniques. The A2 units of work you will study include :2 further papers plus an investigative study of 2500 words. Unit Four : Options in Physical Geography15% of total mark.1½ hour examination paper – Answer two essay style questions on:·        Fluvial Environments·        Service Activities: Location and Change. Unit Five : Synoptic Geography – People and Environment.1¼ hour examination paper. Two questions from:·        Managing Urban Environments.·        Hazardous Environments

Future opportunities

Many careers are open to geographers and the subject combines well with a variety of other disciplines. It provides training in decision-making skills as well as knowledge about key global issues such as inequality and pollution. It equips students with an understanding of their world and what problems may face them in the future. Ask an AS student – we have 13 good students at present who will give you details.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Thomas Becket Catholic School directly.

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