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Physics A-Level at Kingsbridge Community College

Course description

What is Physics?

Physics is arguably the most basic of the Natural Sciences. It is the foundation science that underpins the other science, technological and engineering disciplines.

Physics helps us to understand how our world works, from the smallest particles to great clusters of galaxies beyond our imagination.

In Physics we examine how energy and matter interact and develop rules which can be applied to gain a deeper understanding of our universe.

Why Choose Physics?

Physics requires students to think logically in order to get to the main point in solving problems. It is a challenging subject and it lends itself to applications in many different situations where clear uncluttered thinking is required. By studying Physics you should be able to develop skills, techniques and a knowledge base that will serve you well in a wide range of careers including medicine, space exploration, satellite technology, any form of engineering, sports technology and music technology – the list is endless!

A Level Physics is a qualification that employers and Higher Education establishments value greatly and makes an excellent partner to Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology.

What kind of student is this course suitable for?

  • Are you: Fascinated with the big questions about the universe and the particles that make it? Stimulated by both theoretical and practical problems? Competent at maths?
  • Do you: Enjoy a challenge? Want to understand and contribute to our increasingly technological society? Value keeping your career options open?

A considerable amount of personal responsibility is placed on the students to organize their own studies. There is a great deal of practical work and students are expected to write these up at home in addition to expanding their notes and attempting questions.

Entry requirements

At least 5 GCSEs at grades A* - C including English and Maths. Students are expected to select a minimum of 4 AS subjects in Year 12 and continue to follow a minimum of 3 subjects to A2 in Year 13. 

All students taking Physics in Year 12 will have achieved at least GCSE grade BB in Science and Additional Science and at least grade B in Mathematics.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kingsbridge Community College directly.

Last updated date: 07 April 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years