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Music A Level at Trinity School

Course description

Music A level allows you to explore your passion for the subject through performance, composition and analysing a wide range of musical styles. You will extend and build upon your knowledge from GCSE to become a more confident and technically advanced performer as well as refining your skills in composition. These will be developed alongside building a comprehensive understanding of musical history.

Course content

This is a brand new, exciting specification. All your work will link to one or more of the 6 areas of study: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions and New Directions. Throughout the course, you will be continually assessed by your teacher and supported in ensuring you are making progress. You will be expected to spend a minimum of one hour extra per week in the music department in order to make use of the technology needed in order to fulfil the composition requirements.

For AS Music you will complete three units:
8MU/01: Performing. This is worth 30% of your AS grade and is externally assessed. You will be required to complete a recital lasting 6 minutes or more.

The second unit is 8MU/02: Composing. Again, this unit is worth 30% of your AS grade and is externally assessed. For this, you are required to complete two compositions, one a free composition and one based on a brief set by the exam board.

8MU/03: Appraising, is the final unit of the AS qualification. This comprises of a 90-minute exam which tests your musical knowledge and understanding of a range of elements, contexts and language, based on the six areas of study. The exam comprises of a mix of listening, short and extended essay questions.


The full A level builds on your AS learning:

9MU0/01: Performing (worth 30%) requires you to complete a recital lasting a minimum of 8 minutes.

9MU0/02: Composting (worth 30%) requires two compositions lasting a minimum of 6 minutes in total to be written. One of these is to a set brief whilst the second composition is free.

9MU0/03: Appraising (worth 40%) comprises of a 2 hour examination which will include questions based upon set works, melody/rhythm dictation and extended essay questions.

Future opportunities

Music A Level can take you to university to extend and refine your musical skills further; it is a well-regarded A Level by universities. It could lead you into teaching music in school or university or into instrumental teaching. It can lead you into working for an arts organisation or working within the Performing Arts industry.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Trinity School directly.

Last updated date: 18 September 2017

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