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Government and Politics A Level at South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

Course description

Politics dominates our lives. From decisions about whether to go to war to decisions about university fees, politicians make choices that impact us as individuals and as a society. This course enables students to understand how and why these decisions are made and what role different people play in that process. 

Course content

What will I learn?People and Politics

Considers how democratic the UK is and what role ordinary people play in politics. Topics include types of democracy, elections, pressure groups, political parties and ideologies.

Governing the UK

Looks at how the UK is governed by different groups and institutions. Topics include the Constitution, the Prime Minister, the role of Parliament and the court system.

Representative Processes in the USA

Examines America’s claim to be the greatest democracy on earth. Topics include the influence of lobbying groups and money and racial and ethnic politics.

Governing the USA

Considers how effectively American government works. Topics include the US Constitution, the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.

The basics...
  • Debate controversial issues and explore different political points of view
  • Study the political systems of the UK and USA
  • Visit Washington and New York

Entry requirements

You should have a genuine interest in the world around you and must be proactive in following the news. 

Future opportunities

Future Careers

  • Politics
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Teaching

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 28 September 2017

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