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Physics at Downham Market Academy

Course description

Why choose physics?

In investigating the fundamental principles of how the universe works, physics is a fascinating study for the student with an inquiring mind. It is also the basis on which all forms of technology are built. The course is designed to promote interest and research in the most recent developments as well as giving a sound foundation in the fundamentals of the subject.

There will be a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, including independent study, practical projects and investigation activities. You can study physics purely for interest and to learn more about the world in which we live.

For some careers, physics is an essential or important subject to have, for example: For Engineering, it is an essential AS/A2 requirement For Medicine is one of preferred science (but check the course requirements for different Universities) For Accountancy or Law, it is a good choice of subject to show your problem solving skills and logical thought processes.

What makes a good Physicist?

The key ingredient is a curious, questioning mind. Physicists deploy a mixture of experimental and analytical skills, and creative flair, but there is no norm. Some have a theoretical bend; others excel as practical or comp utational investigators. Some are very analytical in their approach to the subject, others more intuitive.

Teaching Room and Teacher

Physics is taught in R14. It includes well equipped laboratory and a large project and resources area. Use of supporting materials made available to students by a dedicated text books, reading library, revision guides and IT facilities. (There are also IT facilities available on the Ryston Site, so it not absolutely necessary that students have access to a PC at home) The Physics Prep Room is currently being re - organised and the proposal is to make th is room into a dedicated room for independent study for Year 12 and 13 Science students.

Course content

We follow OCR’s new 2015 Physics A specifi cation which provides a flexible approach where the specification is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of physics. As student’s progress through the course, they’ll build on their knowledge of the laws of physics, applying their und erstanding to areas from sub - atomic particles to the entire universe.

Module 1

Development of Practical Skills Content summary:

This module involves the development of planning, implementing, analysis and evaluation.

Module 2

Foundations of Physics Content summary:

Includes physical quantities and units, making measurements and analysing data and the nature of quantities.

Module 3

Forces & Motion Content summary:

Includes motion, forces in action, work, energy and power, materials, Newton’s laws of m otion and momentum.

Module 4

Electrons, Waves & Photons Content summary:

Includes charge and current, energy, power and resistance, electrical circuits, waves and quantum physics.

Module 5

Newtonian World & Astrophysics (A Level only) Content summary:

Includes thermal physics, circular motion, oscillations, gravitational fields and astrophysics.

Module 6

Particles and Medical Physics (A Level only) Content summary:

Includes capacitors, electric fields, electromagnetism, nuclear and particle physics and medical imaging

Entry requirements

GCSE Grade B Minimum in Physics or GCSE grade BB in core and additional science, and GCSE grade B in Maths. It is not necessary to also study AS Mathematics.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Downham Market Academy directly.

Last updated date: 09 October 2017

Key information

  • Start date: Next September