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History AS level at The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre

Course description

The advantages of a wide-ranging course with topics from different historical eras include a more comprehensive exposure to concepts, themes and arguments.

Course content

Year 12:

Unit F962: Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany 1919-1963 (Exam) - The effects of WW1, Hitler, the Nazis, the Cold War, Division of Germany

Unit F963: The English Civil War and the Interregnum 1637-1660 (Exam) - Charles I v Parliament, Cromwell, the Restoration of Charles II

Year 13 (provisional):

Unit F965: Russia and her Rulers 1855 – 1964 (Exam) - The Tsars, Revolutions, Lenin & Bolshevism & Stalinism

Unit F966: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors 1485-1603 (Coursework) - Religious conflict, revolt, repression from Henry VII to Elizabeth I




Historical enquiry conducted in Year13 in the form of two 2,000 word essays focusing on interpretations and investigations


2 x 90 min exam in Yr12 one for each unit

1 x 90 min exam in Yr13

Future opportunities

  • History Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Journalist
  • Social Worker
  • Bank Manager
  • Military Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Researcher
  • Archaeologist
  • Museum Curator
  • Office Administrator
  • Civil Servant
  • Analyst
  • Politician
  • Football Manager
  • Pop Star
  • King

Further information


  • Interpretation of sources of evidence.
  • Analysis of differing points of view
  • Summarising information into concise coherent arguments.
  • Reaching justified conclusions
  • Questioning the validity and reliability of source material
  • Research and investigation skills.
  • Referencing material in an appropriate manner.
  • Debating ideas with confidence
  • Asking questions
  • Becoming a critical thinker.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre directly.

Last updated date: 13 October 2017

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