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Financial Studies at WG6 (Joint 6th Form for Wilmington Grammar School for Girls and Wilmington Grammar School for Boys)

Course description




The Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS) provides an in-depth exploration of the key concepts of nancial capability and how they are applied to achieve longer- term nancial sustainability.

Its purpose is to prepare students for further study through the development of the core skills of independent thinking, critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis, verbal communication (through classroom discussion) and written communication.

Within DipFS the student explores the political, economic, social, technological, ethical and legal impacts of personal nance in the short, medium and longer terms. Through this, a greater understanding of the impact that global events can have upon consumers and the wider nancial services industry is developed.

Entry Requirements

Standard entry requirements.

Course Content

  • Importance of nancial capability in the immediate, short, medium and long term.

  • The impact of external in uences at different stages in the personal life cycle.

  • Risk and reward in managing personal nance.

  • Personal and external factors that lead to change.

  • Maintaining nancial sustainability and avoiding long-term debt.

  • The nancial services system and nancial sustainability (individual and general).

  • Marketing techniques.


Unit 1 - Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term
Unit 2 - Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term

Unit 3 - Sustainability of an Individual’s Finances
Unit 4 - Sustainability of the Financial Services System

Each unit is assessed through a combination of Multiple Choice Questions (Part A) and a written paper (Part B)

The structure of the assessment ensures that all aspects of the course content are subject to external examination. The written paper for each unit synoptically assesses the students’ ability to integrate the skills, concepts and knowledge from the unit.

Future Career Progression

The nancially related content of this quali cation serves as an excellent grounding for undergraduate study within nance and business-related disciplines, with many students going on to study accounting, business, nance and banking. The skills developed and enhanced during the course provide valuable study skills appropriate for these disciplines and others, and students have pursued a wide range of other undergraduate courses following this quali cation. However, the core skills of critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis and written communication, and independent learning are transferable and provide a strong grounding for further study in other elds; typical examples include engineering, technology, or not for profit style organisational. The transferable skills developed are also valuable for further study in unrelated disciplines. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact WG6 (Joint 6th Form for Wilmington Grammar School for Girls and Wilmington Grammar School for Boys) directly.

Last updated date: 19 October 2017