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Photography - Lens Based Media A level at Hylands School

Course description

The aims of the AS and A level Photography course are to encourage students to:

  • Record, document and present examples of everyday life, using photography as a vehicle of artistic expression, communicating personal ideas.
  • Use drawing methods such as pen or pencil on paper to plan shots, analyse and deconstruct their imagery.
  • Research into contextual examples of photographers and image makers work from various historical times and genres.
  • Annotate and write up their thoughts and feelings in order to reflect upon potential concepts and outcomes.
  • Define their image making prior to take the shots by scouting locations, planning shoots around weather conditions, using filters, studio lighting reflectors, props, make up or backgrounds to control each element within the frame.
  • Be familiar with contemporary and emerging concept and learn how to analyse and critically evaluate photography, demonstrating and understanding purposes, meanings and contexts.

Entry requirements

  • GCSE subject specific grade required: GCSE English minimum grade C, also useful to have GCSE Art minimum grade B/C
  • Pre-summer work required to be completed by students: Yes
  • Students who have studied a creative course at GCSE must only select this course if they are passionate about image making and photographic recording.
  • Students who achieve lower than GCSE subject specific grade may be accepted at the teachers’ discretion.


AS Photography

Component 1 Personal Investigation 50%

Component 2 Externally Set Assignment 50%

(AS marks or grades do not count towards the full A level)

  • From personal starting points, students will submit supporting studies and personal outcomes
  • An externally set broad based theme released to teachers and students
  • Sustained focus period of 10 hours of controlled assessment in which students create final responses to the theme. Students will submit preparatory studies and practical outcomes
  • Students must work independently in terms of the development of ideas, intentions and responses

A level Photography consists of two components

Component 1 Personal Investigation 60%

Part 1 - From personal starting points students to submit supporting studies and personal outcomes (72 marks) Park 2 - Personal study students to submit a piece of ‘continuous prose’ minimum 1000 words

Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment 40%

Externally set, broad based theme released to teachers and students. Students will create over 15 hours of sustained focus and a final response to the theme. They will submit preparatory studies and personal outcomes.

Candidates should carefully consider this enjoyable course as it demands energy, enthusiasm and academic thought process. Students are expected to regularly write and annotate their thoughts, feelings and analytical discoveries in their work books to a high level of written English.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hylands School directly.

Last updated date: 06 November 2017

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