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Physics A Level at Harris Academy Battersea

Course description

Physics is the study of how the Universe functions. A level physic looks at the very small scale (including what happens inside a proton!) and the huge scale in the Astrophysics module where you will study galaxies and stars. Throughout all the topics you will learn problem solving skills that will help you in any future career.

Enrichment opportunities include

  • A visit to the Imperial College London outreach laboratories in both year 12 and year 13
  • This year we are taking part in the ‘Interstellar Challenge’ competition, and we aim to enter competitions every year.
  • Students will have the opportunity to enter the British Physics Olympiad competition and win a place on the National team

Combines well with maths, Biology, Chemistry and other numerical subjects.

Course content

AS units include:

  • Particle physics: the study of what protons, neutrons and the rest of the Universe are made of
  • Quantum phenomena: how the world works on the very small scale
  • Mechanics: how objects and forces move and interact
  • Electricity: How and why circuits function
  • Investigative skills

A Level units include:


  • Further mechanics: How objects move in circles, for example planets, aeroplanes etcetera
  • Thermal physics: how gasses behave and are used
  • Fields: Gravitational, electric and magnetic fields and their applications
  • Nuclear physics: including the famous E=mc2 equation!
  • Astrophysics: The study of the stars, space and the galaxy

Entry requirements

  • B grade in Physics GCSE
  • B grade in mathematics GCSE


Examination Board AQA

  • AS: Two external examinations (1 hour 30 minutes each)
  • A2: Three external examinations (2 hours each)

Future opportunities

An A-level in Physics equips students with fantastic problem solving skills which are useful in any career involving the use of numbers (which is most careers in the modern world).

Specific careers include: finance, accountancy, engineering, research, medicine,
education, computing.

A recent survey found that people with a physics degree
had a 14% higher starting salary than graduates from other subjects.

Further information

What our students say:

“I love Physics because in physics our knowledge about the Universe gets
expanded and we learn problem solving skills that will be useful at University.”

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Harris Academy Battersea directly.

Last updated date: 08 November 2017
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