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Psychology GCSE at Sandwich Technology School

Course description


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychologists carry out experiments and research into why we act the way we do and to understand the thought processes behind our actions. Psychologists try to make sense of our cognitive functions and investigate differences in individuals.

What will I study?

The course is separated into units and you will study a range of topics. You will learn about psychological research from topic areas such as memory, perception and cognitive development, along with research methods and data handling (requiring a good knowledge of science and maths). Other topics you will look at include social influence, language, psychological illnesses and a more scientific section on how our brains work (for example, nerves and the function of various brain areas).

How will I learn?

You will be provided with key psychological terms and studies that you must be able to effectively remember and analyse. Your teacher will use a range of engaging techniques for you to learn everything you need to know and this will be done both independently and through group work.


Entry requirements

English and Maths

Each topic area includes elements of English and Maths, in particular within the data handling sections, such as calculating averages and percentages and drawing graphs and charts. At least grade ‘4’ in these subject would be ideal to help complete this course.

What do I need to join?

You need to have an interest in people and the way that people process information. You must also be interested in Science as a lot of the topic areas will be related to Biological and Physiological aspects. A one year GCSE in Psychology is a very demanding course and it is therefore important that you have exceptional time management skills and you have a good revision technique in place. You will be learning a lot of factual information in lessons and it is essential that out of the lesson you carry out independent study to reinforce what you have learnt. As the course is exam based you must be able to write clearly and to communicate your ideas effectively in order to fully achieve in the external exams.


You will have multiple assessments throughout the year. These will be in the form of short answer quizzes, mini topics review tests and also end of topic papers. All questions will be taken from past papers so you will be familiar with the exam by the time you sit it.

Future opportunities

Career options

Having a qualification in Psychology opens a wide variety of career options for you. Skills such as analytical thinking and the ability to understand human behaviour will be beneficial in most careers. Psychology is often linked to careers in education, mental health and business management. If you choose to you may be able to progress to A Level where you could then have the opportunity to acquire a career in counselling or clinical areas.

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 08 November 2017
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year