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Law A Level at Exmouth Community College

Course description

What is Law about?

Everyone is affected by laws every day of their lives. As a teenager the law restricts the things you are permitted to do, for example you cannot buy lottery tickets, alcohol or cigarettes, marry or even vote when you are 15. The law also tells you some things you MUST do, for instance stay at school until 16, pay tax on money that you earn, drive on the left and fulfil contract obligations. It doesn’t stop after you die, think of wills and trusts and inheritance rules. And that’s before we even start on the criminal law!

It is a fascinating subject which is changing all the time and we often find ourselves discussing the latest news from the TV because some interesting case is going through the courts…did Oscar Pistorius actually mean to kill or not? And we will have visits to the Magistrates and Crown courts in Exeter to see the law in action.

Course content

The new syllabus introduces Contract Law at Exmouth for the first time, this will interest students thinking of careers in business, banking/finance, recruitment or management. Criminal law and the Legal System are still part of the course too, suitable for social work, police and probation services and legal apprenticeships. This  A level is highly recommended for those thinking of taking Law , Politics or Sociology at university.

Entry requirements

The normal College requirement to get a place on these courses is five GCSEs at 4 or above INCLUDING Maths and English equivalent, or 280 points.

A mark of 5 or above in either GCSE English Literature or Language is preferred but may not be needed if your other GCSEs are good. No prior knowledge of Law is needed at all.


There is no coursework  element although you will have some project work to do in class on occasion. The exams will take place at the end of the two year course.

Future opportunities

What is law useful for?

Absolutely everything! Office work, accounts, finance, public relations, human resources, business, police service, probation service, prison and security services. As a background for studying other subjects it is particularly helpful for Politics, Business, Economics, Management, Psychology, Sociology or Criminology and it combines well with these subjects.


Further information

Entrance to university to do Law

As law is a very competitive subject, universities frequently demand real evidence of your interest and may suggest having either Law A level or work experience in law before you will be offered a place.  This is particularly true of Russell Group universities.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Exmouth Community College directly.

Last updated date: 09 November 2017

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