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Computing AS Level at Finham Park School

Course description

One of the most unique characteristics about Computing is the creativity that can be used
throughout all aspects of the course. The approach to solving the problems faced in computing is only limited by your imagination as there are almost limitless methods of solving programming problems. One of the other more unique aspects of this subject is the amount of other disciplines that it compliments. There are also elements of Maths,
Science, Technology and even English. Anyone with a logical mind and problem solving abilities would do well in this subject.

Course content

The first year of this courses is the same content (only the exam structure changes) as the AS. In the second year of the course you will study the science behind computing in much greater depth. You will cover topics such as: Boolean algebra, Compression
techniques, Low level languages and Computational methods. These topics form a foundation for a deeper and more thorough understanding of the complexities of modern computing. You will also be completing a piece of coursework in which you will developing a programmed system of your choice. This could be; a game, a dynamic website, a database system or any other suitable topic you select. The focus and product made for the coursework is completely up to you and you are welcome to use any language to create your product. The project will follow a systems life cycle and is a great artefact to show to prospective universities.

Entry requirements

GCSE 5 grades 9-4 plus GCSE English and Mathematics at Grade 5 or above. You should have gained at least a Grade 6 in GCSE Computing. Prior knowledge of programming (in any language) would be useful. You also need to have done some
coding before (in any language) in order to properly access this subject at this level.


Yes, there is a piece of coursework that is highly creative and is a great talking piece for university interviews or UCAS statements. The topic and implementation of the project are entirely your choice! You have free reign to select any end user to make your system for and you can create it using any programming language you wish. In the past we have had versions of Medical stock control systems, PHP websites, Chess, Scalextric and many platform games. The coursework is a yearlong piece and includes a large written element which will use a full systems life cycle approach.

Future opportunities

Studying Computing is a gateway to a wide variety of careers and further studies at university. In particular the following fields lean strongly on Computing: Financial and Accounting, The games industry, Scientific Studies (all disciplines), Software development, ICT in Business and any other career that involves solving problems with computers! With regard to further study Computing leads well into any Maths, Science, Technology or Computing based degree. Studying Computing will open a lot more doors than you would imagine as the skills you learn are invaluable and cross many subjects.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Finham Park School directly.

Last updated date: 17 November 2017
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