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History A Level at Nailsea School

Course description

A Level History is a challenging course which builds upon the skills you have gained at GCSE. The course is recommended for those of you who have a fascination with the past which has shaped us and wish to understand the diverse issues of the world you live in. The present is only fully understandable through a study of the past. The focus is on detailed knowledge of events, interpretations of the past and analysis of contemporary sources. Good results will only come from reading a range of historians and texts.

Course content

Year 12:

Nationalism, dictatorship and democracy in twentieth-century Europe

  • Paper 1: Germany and West Germany, 1918–89
  • Paper 2: Spain, 1930–78: republicanism, Francoism and the re-establishment of democracy

Year 13:

  • Paper 3: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII, 1399 - 1509
  • Unit 3: Independent enquiry on a topic of your choice (Coursework unit)

Year 12 History students have the opportunity to go on an optional trip to Berlin for 4 days. The cost will be approximately £290.

Entry requirements

To study History A Level you will need 5s in History and English. We will expect highly motivated students who have a proven record of good conduct in their GCSE classes. All must have demonstrated organisation and reliability in their GCSE studies.

Entry to the Sixth Form is not automatic, but depends on:

Achieving 5 grade 4s or above for entry to level 3 courses and meeting the individual entry requirements of your chosen Level 3 courses.


Coursework: 20%

Examination: 80%

Awarding Body: Edexcel

Future opportunities

A Level History has much to offer and fits in with a wide range of other A Level courses (Sciences, Geography, English, Sociology, Technology), and is regarded by colleges, universities and employers as evidence of a student's ability to handle information, to think and to express her or himself clearly.

Many of our students go on to study either History itself, or Law, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology and Education (or combinations of these subjects) at colleges and universities.

History is particularly relevant for careers in journalism, law, broadcasting, government and administration in all its aspects. Any career that demands independent thinking and an ability to see all sides of the issue will benefit from A Level History skills.

Further information

Student Profile

Year 13

A Levels: History, Chemistry, Biology, Maths

Level 2 Courses studied: French, History, RE, Art, Triple Science

Reasons for taking course: I chose History A-level because I find the study of history fascinating and essential to fully understanding current affairs.

What I like about this course: I really enjoy the debate over events, the fairly informal
style of lessons, and the coursework is a great opportunity for me to indulge in my particular historical interest.

My advice to any prospective student is to not feel intimidated by exams or essays! No one is expecting you to write A-level answers at the first hurdle. If you can engage in the content of the course then the work will be really enjoyable. Also, we have cake!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Nailsea School directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2017

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