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Religous Studies A Level at Twyford CofE High School

Course description

This course is aimed at:

You may be interested in further study /careers in Law, Humanities, History, English , Philosophy and Theology, Ministry, Social Sciences, Education or Medicine.

Anyone interested in a career where decision making, thinking around ethical issues
and /or communication skills are important e.g. managerial roles, law, diplomacy,
journalism, teaching, law enforcement, civil service and politics.
People interested in developing what are termed the ’higher order thinking skills’.
Those who want to develop their thinking in essays and argument.

Course content

In Year 12, the course comprises of 3 modules in total on issues related to the philoso-
phy of religion, religion and ethics and the development in Christian Thought. In Year 13,
the course builds on what students have studied in Year 12 through further study of the
philosophy of religion, religion and ethics and the development in Christian Thought.

Entry requirements

Grade 7 or A in R.E and Grade 6 in English (Language or Literature)


Year 12
Paper 1 — ancient philosophical influences, the nature of the soul, mind and body, arguments about the existence or non-existence of God, the nature and impact of religious experience, the challenge for religious belief of the problem of evil.

Paper 2 — normative ethical theories, the application of ethical theory to two contemporary issues of importance

Paper 3 — Christian beliefs, values and teachings, their interconnections and how they
vary historically and in the contemporary world, sources of Christian wisdom and authority, practices which shape and express Christian identity, and how these vary within a tradition

Year 13 Paper 1 — Same as Year 12 plus; ideas about the nature of God and issues in religious language.
Paper 2 — Same as Year 12 plus; ethical language and thought, debates surrounding the significant idea of conscience, sexual ethics and the influence on ethical thought of developments in Christian beliefs.
Paper 3 — Same as Year 12 plus; significant social and historical developments in theology and Christian thought and key themes related to the relationship between Christianity and society.

Future opportunities

This is an excellent foundation subject for further education on any university course.
Universities regard this subject very highly due to the academic skills you will develop
during the course. This subject is considered to be a ‘facilitating subject’, meaning that it
can lead to a range of different university courses or careers. Its academic challenge and
development of thinking skills are highly valued by all the top universities.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Twyford CofE High School directly.

Last updated date: 15 December 2017
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