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Physics A Level at Bury St Edmunds County Upper School

Course description

Students of physics can choose from the complete range of scientific careers and are particularly suited for all branches of engineering, manufacturing and industrial research and development. In addition they are also highly valued by employers in a variety of other disciplines, either straight from school or after following a course from the huge range available in higher education. Physics graduates are also employed in the ‘City’ because of their modeling and problem solving skills.

Course content

In the first year of the course students learn the fundamental principles in physics upon which all concepts are built. For example, predicting and modeling motion in two dimensions such as the motion of a ski jumper. Students will also describe material properties and explain how they behave under different forces; for example why toffee stretches but glass smashes. Finally, students explore the philosophical nature of quantum mechanics and wave particle duality.

The second year of the course develops the fundamental concepts further, such as explaining circular motion and collisions in two dimensions. However, it also enables students to access the cutting edge of modern physics such as cosmology, nuclear, medical and particle physics. As students progress through the course they will build on their knowledge of the laws of physics, applying their understanding to solve problems on topics ranging from sub-atomic particles to the entire universe.
There are numerous opportunities for practical activities throughout the course and they contribute to the achievement of the Practical Endorsement as well as enhancing students’ understanding of physics theory and practical skills. Students will demonstrate development of their practical skills via a log book.

Entry requirements

Students  who  wish  to  study  GCE  Advanced  level  courses  are  required  to  have  passed  at  least  five  GCSE  or  equivalent  level  two  courses  at  grades  5-9  including  a  minimum  of  grade 5 in the subjects they wish to study.  Most students attempting A level courses will have  more  than  this  minimum.  In  subjects  not  taught  at  GCSE  a  5  in  a  related  subject  is required (for example, a 5/6 in English would enable a student to study Politics).


Modelling Physics
Written Paper
37% of A
Exploring Physics
Written Paper
37% of A
Unified Physics
Written Paper
26% of A
Practical Endorsement
12 practical activities over 2 years

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bury St Edmunds County Upper School directly.

Last updated date: 12 January 2018
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