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Physics at Ashmole Academy

Course description

The AQA A-level Physics specification gives students a seamless transition from GCSE to university courses in Physics and Physics- related disciplines. It maintains students’ enthusiasm for Physics and develops their interest in the subject. How Science Works offers practical and investigative experience throughout the two years of study.

You will study the concepts of particles and radiation, waves, mechanics, materials and electricity during the Year 12. The Year 13 develops further on mechanics, fields, thermal physics and nuclear physics. You will also study a specific ‘option unit’ which will be decided by the school, with input from students. The topic will be one of the following subjects: astrophysics, medical physics, engineering physics, turning points or electronics

The practical skills of How Science Works are integrated throughout the course. There is an emphasis on developing key practical skills and you will carry out a number of required practicals throughout the two years. On successful completion, you will gain a practical skills accreditation which is given alongside your grade. The accreditation does not affect your overall grade.

Students’ will complete three exams at the end of Year 13. The first paper covers topics 1-5, the second paper covers topics 6 - 8 and the third paper is a Practical Skills and Data Analysis exam which includes content from the option unit. Physics by its nature has substantial mathematical content. Students must be prepared to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills, use ICT and think deeply.

Course content

1 Measurements and their errors

2 Particles and radiation

3 Waves

4 Mechanics and materials

5 Electricity

6 Further mechanics and thermal physics

7 Fields and their consequences

8 Nuclear physics


9 Astrophysics

10 Medical physics

11 Engineering physics

12 Turning points in physics

13 Electronics


The A Level specification will have no direct assessment of practical work that contributes to the A Level grades. Instead, students will complete twelve required practicals which will develop their investigatory skills and use of specific equipment. Students complete a set of given criteria in order to gain the practical ‘accreditation’

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ashmole Academy directly.

Last updated date: 28 February 2018