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Media Studies A Level at Eaton Bank Academy

Course description

A Level Media Studies is a practical, creative and forward-looking course that engages pupils in 21st Century media. Ultimately, pupils create their own media coursework portfolios and products using print, video and the web through focused market research, investigations into existing products and by planning and constructing their own. Pupils will also study how media companies create their work and how audiences respond. Here are some of the themes and activities you’ll take part in:
We’ll study a range of the techniques media companies use to produce their films,
TV programmes and magazines.
By doing this, you’ll become a more literate media consumer and will be aware of
how media companies target and influence their audiences.
You will learn how to research thoroughly and effectively, and the importance of
organisation and the necessity to meet deadlines.
Creative thinking will be required when you design and plan the construction of
your media portfolios.
Experimentation with a range of digital technology will quickly bring you up to
speed with appropriate design and media IT packages with which you will be able
to create impressive media products.
Group work and independent dedication will definitely play a major role in your
success in A Level Media lessons.
You will also put together and practise your presentation skills as these formulate
part of the assessment procedure.
Hard work, dedication and creativity will pay off as 50% of your marks come from
your media coursework portfolios; a bonus for those of you who find exams
particularly stressful.

Future opportunities

The creative, organisational, independent and technological skills you will develop on this course will stand you in great stead when applying for many occupations and undergraduate courses. You will also be able to produce impressive, research and planning folders along with professional looking media texts to make an impact when progressing to the next stage of your life. Many media students move into careers in magazines, PR, TV production and film amongst others.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eaton Bank Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 April 2018

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