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Physics A Level at Eaton Bank Academy

Course description

The best part about Physics is that the further you go the more interesting and surprising it becomes; did you know that particles can be in two places at once? At speeds near the speed of light, time slows down and your mass increases? About 90% of the universe is missing? Physics is the ultimate search for truth and reality. Will you take up the challenge?

Course content

We offer the ‘OCR Physics A (Advancing Physics)’ course (Specification Code, A Level – H556). This is a new curriculum from 2015, and we have chosen the
‘Physics A’ course as it builds on the students’ knowledge of the laws of physics and allow them to solve problems over a wide range of topics. With the new curriculum, there is a greater emphasis on practical work, with a minimum of 10 undertaken over the course (though we do far more.) These will be competency assessed, and at least 15% of exam questions are now based on knowledge and understanding
of practical work. There is also a greater significance placed on the mathematics with 40% covering mathematical skills.

The subjects studied in the first year will be: Forces, Mechanics, Motion, Electricity, Waves, Quantum physics and Materials.

In the second year: Thermal physics, Further mechanics, Capacitance, Fields and Particles, Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics.

Entry requirements

We are happy to take students with ‘B’ grades or better in Science. Success at A level is far more likely with a good set of results in ALL subjects at GCSE, and is highly unlikely with only ‘C’ grades in Science. Though it is not essential, taking Maths at A-level is preferred,especially with the new emphasis on mathematical skills in the new curriculum.

Future opportunities

In short... pretty much anything! These can include - Aerospace, Alternative Energy,
Architecture, Astrophysics, Banking, Business Consultancy, Cartography, CGI Animation, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computing, Conservation, Defence, Dentistry, Education, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Energy Resources, Environmental Physics, Fibre Optics, Finance, Health Physics, Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Physics, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Music Technology, Nuclear Physics, Oceanography, Optometry, Pollution Control, Research Labs, Robotics, Rocketry and Rocket Science, Satellites, Telecommunications, Thin Films, Weather Forecasting... the list is almost endless!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Eaton Bank Academy directly.

Last updated date: 18 April 2018

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