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Ethics and Philosophy AS Level at Gordano School

Course description

Ethics and Philosophy looks at the deepest questions of them all. Is there a meaning to life? Can we prove that God does or does not exist? Is there life after death? Which is the real me – my mind or my body? What do we mean by ‘goodness’?

Course content

In Ethics you will look at theories from different philosophers about how to decide what is right and wrong, such as Kant and Aquinas. You will then apply these theories to issues such as euthanasia and business ethics.
In Philosophy, you begin by learning how to argue properly so that you can win debates! You will then consider ideas from Plato and Aristotle, debate the existence of God, consider the nature of the soul, mind and body, and explore religious experiences.

Fascinating topics include studying the Buddhist meaning of life, which includes the idea that everything causes suffering and we should not become attached to material things. You will also study the foundations and beliefs of Buddhism, as well as exploring how Buddhists live their lives today.

Future opportunities

This subject is therefore highly regarded as a rigorous academic degree course, which will develop a wide range of thinking skills and can be combined with most subjects. Ethics & Philosophy trains you to think about the deepest questions and put forward convincing arguments of your own.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Gordano School directly.

Last updated date: 23 January 2017

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