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Government and Politics A Level at Liverpool College

Course description

A Level Government and Politics aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of the decision-making processes in the UK. This involves a study of government at local, regional, national and European Union levels and includes some comparisons with other political systems. It is an ideal course for anyone who is interested in topical issues which affect the lives of every person in the UK, such as: law and order and civil liberties, the management of the economy, policies on education and health care, environmental policy and issues relating to the European Union.

Politics is an exciting and intriguing subject. Both the AS and the A level syllabus of this subject cover the structure and working of the British and American Governments, with topic areas such as the UK constitution, pressure groups and parliament in the British political system and the Supreme Court, Congress and federalism in the United States of America.

Course content

Students who study Politics benefit from reading and research skills as well as an ability to develop a well-structured argument. Government and Politics is a subject which is highly valued by many prospective employers as well as being well regarded for university admission. Students of Politics also develop a great interest for current affairs and issues in our modern day society.

The course should appeal to students who enjoy discussion and debate because controversies arise over topics such as: the management of the UK economy, counter-terrorism measures, the use of the private sector in the NHS, adoption of the Euro and the reform of Parliament. In addition, the Politics course seeks to develop students‟ abilities to analyse and evaluate questions logically and their capacity to support arguments with relevant evidence. These skills provide an excellent grounding for university degree courses in the fields of law, humanities and business.

This is a new course for Liverpool College and we hope to follow the GCE Edexcel Government and Politics course. 

The AS course provides an introduction to the subject through an examination of UK political procedures and institutions.

The A2 course allows more specialization, requiring greater skills analysis and evaluation. It offers a choice of challenging but comparable topics: UK and EU Political Issues; Political Ideologies; US Politics and Global Politics.


A variety of modes of assessment will be used, including short-answer questions, stimulus response, extended writing and essays. Students will have a choice of questions within the examinations for each unit. Synoptic assessment will be examined through the essay questions and will draw on the skills required to analyse conflicting political viewpoints, including the extent of rivalry between these viewpoints and an awareness of the significance of these viewpoints for an understanding of the issue or question.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Liverpool College directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

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