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History at Framwellgate School

Course description

Why Study History?

History enables us to understand the society in which we live today . It helps us to appreciate the civil rights we can easily take for granted such as democracy and freedom of speech. Historians are in demand in professions where a knowledge of politics and citizenship are vital such as law, journalism, the civil service and in education.

Historians have analytical minds and love to talk, discuss and argue. They think logically and critically and are confident in their own opinions while respectful of others.

History is exciting. Many of our students choose to study it at university. Many more continue to be fascinated by the colourful stories of the past and read books and watch television programmes long after their studies are over.

There is no escaping the past, for without an understanding of where we came from, how can we work out where we are at present and where we are likely to go in the future?

Features of the Course:

Students follow a Modern History course in AS and A2. At AS, the European History unit is an in-depth Period Study of Italy, while the British History unit is an evaluative source based paper. There is no coursework at AS. In lessons students will be encouraged to engage in debate and discussion.

At A2 students examine the modern histories of Russia and America. The Russian unit compares the countryunder the Tsars and the Communists and the coursework unit comprises of an in-depth study of the USA between the world wars.


Modules covered in Year 12: OCR History A

1) F962 : European and World History Period Studies;

Option B “Democracy and Dictatorship”: Italy 1896 - 1943

2) F963 : British History enquiry : England and a new century 1900 - 1924

Assessment in Year 12:

Examinations: 2 exams : 1 hour 30 minutes each

Coursework: N/A


Modules covered in Year 13:

F965: Historical Interpretations and Investigations : America between the wars 1918-1941

F966 : Historical Themes : Russia and its rulers 1855-1964

Assessment in Year 13:

Examinations: F966 : 2 hour exam

Coursework: F965 : 2 x 2,000 word essays

Entry requirements

In order to enrol on sixth form courses, applicants will need to have achieved:

  • 5 A* to C Grades in separate subjects and in addition
  • Grade B or above at History GCSE

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Framwellgate School directly.

Last updated date: 06 March 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September