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Pathways to Law at London Academy of Excellence

Course description

A number of sixth formers successfully apply for Law or related courses each year and we are proud to have sixth formers on law courses at RussellGroup universities including LSE, Birmingham andQueenMary University of London. Law is a well-respected degree with good employment prospects, but getting onto a good course is extremely competitive. Many of our sixth formers want to pursue a career in Law (perhaps as a barrister or solicitor) or elsewhere in the Criminal Justice System (in roles such as a paralegal or police graduate).
Itmay be that they go on to do an undergraduate degree in a different subject and then take a law conversation course before completing training. We can support this pathway through lectures, seminars and visits. By the time our sixth formers leave LAE, they have a very clear idea of their Pathway to Law – whether it is through an
undergraduate law degree or other route.

Course content

Through Year 12 we offer a series of lectures
that include talks by top lawyers, academics
and law-makers. For example we have had
visits from cabinetministers, Lady Justice
RaffertyQC and Lord Evans who illuminated
Year 12 on the role of the House of Lords in
We have very close links with the Sutton Trust,
which each year invites our sixth formers to
apply to their prestigious Pathways to Law
scheme.We collaborate with our partner
schools to support our Law applicants, who
in the past have joined partner school trips
and we invite other schools’ students to LAE
for discussions and lectures. Itmeans that
our law applicants are confident in the world
outside of school, being quite used to having
‘academic conversations’ with their peers,
academics and practicing lawyers alike.
In addition, our ‘Work Discovery’ programme
has a treasure trove of high status work
placement contacts with whom we can put
you in touch to get a feel for ‘life in the law’


Entry requirements

- Read a ‘serious’ newspaper every day and
make a note of stories that relate to the
Law. Either in the way the legal system works
(changes to legal aid, for example) or on
interesting case Law (‘test cases’).
- Read about interesting cases and historical
events that changed the way that law
operates (beware ‘U.S. thrillers’ though –
remember you’ll be studying UK/European
Law with few exceptions)

- Make themost of London:Go and visit
the public gallery of your localmagistrate’s
court and watch justice in action. Visit the
public gallery of the House of Commons.
Take a trip to the City of London

- Arrange work experience/work shadowing
in a solicitors’ office or any public sector
offices (e.g. housing offices). Do voluntary
work with groups that have lots of
interaction with the criminal justice system
(e.g. Citizens’ advice Bureau, Refugee groups).


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact London Academy of Excellence directly.

Last updated date: 09 July 2015

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